Namecoin can be used for name resolution with Tor. Several guides are available for setting this up, depending on your choice of software.


Want to decide for yourself? Read on:

Should I use ncprop279 or dns-prop279?

Average users are probably better off with ncprop279.

dns-prop279 is more flexible, since it can access .bit domains that delegate to nameservers or otherwise require a recursive resolver. However, that flexibility can be a footgun since recursive resolvers will typically cause proxy leaks. dns-prop279 also requires a DNS server (e.g. ncdns or Unbound), whereas ncprop279 operates without a DNS server. ncprop279 is substantially smaller in binary size than dns-prop279 combined with ncdns.

Should I use StemNS or TorNS?

Average users are probably better off with StemNS.

TorNS uses the txtorcon library, while StemNS uses the stem library. stem is a substantially smaller download. StemNS focuses on security, while TorNS focuses on facilitating experimentation/development.