Electrum-NMC is the Namecoin port of the lightweight Bitcoin wallet Electrum.


You can download Electrum-NMC at the Beta Downloads page.

Name Management

Name transactions are visible in the History tab:


Name operations are visible in the Outputs section of the Transaction Details dialog:


You can enter a name you’d like to register in the Buy Names tab:


If the name is available to register, you’ll see a message like this:

Domain test1.bit is available to register!

If the name is already taken, you’ll instead see a message like this:

Domain domob.bit is already registered, sorry!

You can view a list of your registered names in the Manage Names tab:


In-progress name registrations will show an ETA:


You can update or transfer a name by clicking “Configure Name…”:


For domain names, the DNS Builder facilitates updating the name’s data without manually touching JSON:


Name Lookups

The name_show command can be called from the console:


To integrate Electrum-NMC’s name lookups with applications such as ncdns, follow these instructions:

  1. Enable Electrum-NMC’s JSON-RPC interface, as per the instructions from upstream Electrum.
  2. To test the RPC server, try running the following from a terminal (substitute your username, password, and port accordingly): curl --data-binary '{"id":"curltext","method":"name_show","params":["d/nf"]}' http://username:password@ You should get something like this:
    {"result": {"name": "d/nf", "name_encoding": "ascii", "value": "{\"ip\":\"\",\"map\":{\"_tcp\":{\"map\":{\"_443\":{\"tls\":[{\"d8\":[1,\"MFkwEwYHKoZIzj0CAQYIKoZIzj0DAQcDQgAE5L89jiJKW7bX5P4MxuvO4KN7k1WOJyjKZSrycMZMKWrfOPGNVBBAz3M2wB3bPz0imdjK0ppSyz0GXEWSIglQXw==\",5007168,5533056,10,\"MEUCIQC8wiAAU2/RemIHlxRZ4wkp4QiYpA6yvTFuk2UwBFHd4gIgRjJQqO7ovcVsVYvEFHY0Z+SjTKRCPa2QAyrQiUyZhIs=\"]}]}}}},\"fingerprint\":[\"69:16:99:8B:A7:62:6F:BE:2A:F6:AF:62:E4:DA:4D:8F:32:B8:52:28\"]}", "value_encoding": "ascii", "txid": "fd21e49f5f29de1f38a67201fb009abf8df609fd0b123f7454a04c7f556af7e4", "vout": 0, "address": "NFPRh1m3CPzAoBpbr1YMW2cDqfLit8eheg", "height": 404601, "expires_in": 9896, "expired": false, "ismine": false}, "id": "curltext", "error": null}
  3. You can now configure ncdns (or any other application that expects a Namecoin-Core-like name_show interface) to connect to Electrum-NMC’s RPC server; everything should “just work”.