Now that the Manage Names tab in Namecoin-Qt (which lets you update existing names in your wallet) is implemented, it’s time to move onto the Buy Names tab. Like the Name Update GUI, this forward-port was pretty uneventful, so rather than boring you with details, here’s a screenshot:

A screenshot of the Buy Names tab in Namecoin-Qt.

As you can see, I kept things minimalist to enable faster review. For example, there is not yet any UI element to tell you if a name already is registered (you’ll find out in such cases after clicking the button). In addition, this UI only triggers the name_firstupdate RPC method, not name_new (which you’ll need to do yourself via the console prior to using the Buy Names tab). This is because Yanmaani is already working on RPC support for combining name_new and name_firstupdate; once his work on that is merged, this GUI should be convertible to use his work with a one-liner patch.

The Buy Names tab is expected to be included in Namecoin Core 23.0.

This work was funded by Cyphrs.