We’ve released ncdns v0.1 for Windows. The big new feature is system-wide TLS support on Windows. Now any application that uses Windows for certificate verification (no longer just Chromium) will accept Namecoin TLS certificates, and will reject malicious certificates issued by public CA’s for Namecoin domains. Note that some Windows software, such as Firefox, does not use the Windows certificate verifier, and is therefore not supported by this feature.

Binaries for non-Windows platforms are not yet available; we expect to release those soon.

Full changelog of what’s new since v0.0.10.3:

  • TLS:
    • Negative overrides are now supported for CryptoAPI (patches by Jeremy Rand).
    • Remove negative override support for Chromium (patches by Jeremy Rand).
    • Switch from x509-signature-splice to splicesign (patches by Jeremy Rand, thanks to Filippo Valsorda for the suggestion).
    • Code quality improvements (patches by Jeremy Rand).
  • Build system:
    • Fix silent NSIS installation (patches by Jeremy Rand).
    • Support NSIS install.log (patches by Jeremy Rand).
    • Code quality improvements (patches by Jeremy Rand)

As usual, you can download it at the Beta Downloads page.