Recently, I was put in contact (via a mutual friend) with a new Namecoin user, Forest Johnson, who was having some trouble registering a name with Electrum-NMC. Unlike typical software users, who tend to give up when encountering issues, Forest was kind enough to provide some excellent UX review of Electrum-NMC. One piece of that UX review was that it’s not obvious to a user that registering a name is a two-step process, and that the latter step can’t proceed until the former step has 12 confirmations. So, I’ve added an ETA indicator for name registrations to the Manage Names tab. Check it out:

A screenshot of the Manage Names tab in Electrum-NMC showing "ETA 130min".

Forest provided quite a bit of additional UX review; I intend to address those points in the future. Thanks Forest for making Namecoin better!