You might have noticed a relative quietness on this news feed and on our social media in the last few months. If you’re a particularly astute student of history, you might have noticed that something very similar happened around the same time last year, and that this was because Aerth and I were busy cooking up ncp11 for a 35C3 talk and workshop. If you’ve gotten that far, you might have gone one step further and guessed that something similar is responsible for the quietness this year. You’d be right! I (Jeremy Rand) will represent Namecoin at 36C3 (the 36th Chaos Communication Congress) in Leipzig, December 27-30. (Alas, Jonas and Cassini won’t be there this year.)

Unfortunately, we’re running very down to the wire on our content for 36C3. To the point that we are not yet sure which content we’ll be able to present. We’re doing everything in our power to try to ensure that we’ll have a kickass talk and workshop ready for you at 36C3, but it is likely that the details will not be finalized until shortly before the Congress begins. The good news is that this is for a good reason: the content we want to be able to present at 36C3 is, arguably, even cooler than ncp11 last year.

Once again, Namecoin will be hosted by the Monero Assembly, which is part of the Critical Decentralization Cluster (CDC). The schedule for CDC events isn’t yet finalized, but keep an eye on the schedule for details. We heard a rumor that talks might get recorded and live-streamed (for real this time… maybe). Also thanks go out to our friends at Replicant, who are facilitating Namecoin’s participation. We’re looking forward to the Congress!

This news post was edited on December 21 to add additional links.