We’ve released ncdns v0.0.8. But the previous release was v0.0.6, what happened to v0.0.7, you ask? Well, since we’re a human rights project, we didn’t want to stain our release with a reference to the criminal organization that overthrew the democratically elected Iranian government, so v0.0.7 got skipped. [1] List of changes in v0.0.8:

  • TLS interoperability:
    • Firefox TLS certificate positive overrides via cert_override.txt are now built into ncdns; manually running ncdumpzone is no longer needed. Some config file settings must be set manually for this to work.
  • DNS interoperability:
    • Fix support for DNAME records (AKA the Namecoin translate field) in madns / ncdns.
  • Tor interoperability:
    • Fix support for DNAME records (AKA the Namecoin translate field) in dns-prop279.
  • Tools:
    • generate_nmc_cert: Rebase against Go v1.8.3 standard library.
    • generate_nmc_cert: Use P256 curve by default.
    • ncdumpzone: Use easyconfig instead of kingpin; this allows config files to be used with ncdumpzone.
  • Windows:
    • Upgrade dnssec-keygen to v9.13.2.
    • Upgrade DNSSEC-Trigger to v0.17.
    • Fix default $APPDATA path for Namecoin Core. This should fix a bug where Namecoin Core would crash with a permission error on 2nd run if Namecoin Core was installed for the first time via ncdns.
    • Disable cookie authentication when ConsensusJ-Namecoin is selected. This should fix a bug where ncdns couldn’t connect to ConsensusJ-Namecoin.
    • Detect if Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package is missing. This should fix a bug where ConsensusJ-Namecoin would crash on startup.
  • NetBSD:
    • NetBSD/ARM binaries are now available again.
  • Build system:
    • Upgrade Go to v1.10.3.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Many code quality improvements.

As usual, you can download it at the Beta Downloads page.

This work was funded by NLnet Foundation’s Internet Hardening Fund.

[1] Actually, I screwed up the release scripts and didn’t notice until after v0.0.7 was already tagged, so v0.0.7 was unreleaseable. But I like the above reason better.