We’ve released Electrum-NMC v3.2.2. Here’s what’s new:

  • Trezor support.
  • Support AuxPoW and timewarp hardforks. (AuxPoW is still experimental, but it does successfully sync now.)
  • Fix running the GNU/Linux release without installing first.
  • Improvements from upstream Electrum.

Please note that due to a bugfix that was needed for Trezor support, any coins stored in wallets from older versions of Electrum-NMC will probably be inaccessible from this version. We recommend that you empty your old Electrum-NMC wallets into Namecoin Core prior to installing this version, and then recreate your Electrum-NMC wallets after installing this version.

As usual, you can download it at the Beta Downloads page.

This work was funded by Cyphrs.